Elderberry Immunity Syrup

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  • Elderberry Syrup Body Guard formula 
  • Our Immune Boosting Body Guard Elderberry Syrup is a super tasty and natural remedy to help you keep your immune system boosted, fight allergies, and stay healthy! It is a very kid friendly syrup (not recommended for children 2 and under) that people of all ages love to take. Take daily for a holistic approach to overall health & wellness. By taking this syrup daily, as an antiviral remedy throughout the cold/flu season... our hope is to help you fight allergies, keep your immune systems boosted, and to not miss work or school due to sickness!  This syrup is a family favorite! Our family, and many other families now take this syrup year round as a daily immune booster. Virtually all of our customers have reordered this syrup! We have been so encouraged by our customer reviews and personal messages of how this syrup has benefited people in their family over and over again. Please read all information below carefully, before placing your order.


  • The Best Elderberry Syrup in the nation.  All ingredients are organic and fresh. Ginger and Turmeric locally grown and farmed. Local harvested raw honey. Ingredients: Alkaline Water, Organic Elderberries, Ceylon Cinnamon, Organic Ginger, Organic Tumeric, Apple Cider Vinegar. Cloves and Sarsaparilla.  
  • Elderberry needs to be refrigerated once opened. Will stay fresh in the fridge for 8 months. 
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