Immunity Collection

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This deluxe package includes full sizes of our top selling Wellness products! Anti viral, Anti Bacterial resistance from those nasty bugs like colds, flu, and viruses. This collection is the ultimate gift for the essential worker, teacher, student, medical worker, first responder, parent, or health enthusiast in your life, but lets be honest, it's a great gift for yourself too! This collection will support your overall health and will give you what you need to feel your best!

The following products are included in this collection:

Immunity Tea- Fight back against cold and flu season. This tea helps prevent sickness and aids in relieving symptoms. (3.5 bag, 52 servings)

Elderberry Immunity Syrup- The medicinal effect of Black Elderberry syrup (Sambucus nigra) has been recognized across Europe for centuries. Modern clinical research suggests that Elderberry can help to provide seasonal immune support and help with cold and flu related symptoms.*
(16oz bottle, 30 servings)

Organic Sea Moss Gel- Sea moss gel is the ultimate wellness solution as it contains 92 out of 102 vitamins & minerals our body needs. (8oz Jar, 16 servings)

Defender essential oil blend- Use this 100% pure essential oil blend to support a healthy immune system, assist in cleaning the air in the home, and strengthen feelings of calm and comfort by adding it to a diffuser or personal aroma inhaler. You can even add Defender to your DIY cleaning products to help purify counters, sinks, and others surfaces in the home. (5ml bottle)